Welcome to VSA NSW!

VSA NSW is a not-for-profit organisation comprising of nearly 2,000 students spanning five different universities, including UNSW, USyd, UTS, UWS, and Macq. Our members aspire to develop their skillsets and networks, both professionally and on a personal level, by engaging in social participation through community, cultural, leadership, and social activities.

VSA NSW encourages its pool of members to be culturally diverse. By connecting students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds who share an appreciation of the Vietnamese culture, it allows for a heightened understanding of the similarities and appreciation and differences between diverse cultures.

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Our specialisation

We have a number of specialised portfolios designed to advance our organisational objectives and tailor our services to enrich our members.


Our philanthropic events fund-raise and promote awareness of charitable organisations or social causes.

Education and Development

We are committed to not only developing our members’ professional skills and networks, but also support their personal maturation.

Social and Sporting

We also seek to support our members’ social, emotional and physical health.


Our organisation brings together ethnically diverse individuals who share an appreciation of the Vietnamese culture.

Our team

In NSW, the State Committee oversees the University VSA branches that operate independently to deliver a tailored experience to their respective members.

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Justin Truong


“VSA will always impact my sense of self and my perspective on life to see that in celebrating our differences as people, we are able to discover our strengths.”

Danny Lam

Vice President (Internal)

“VSA has helped me be a better leader by giving me the opportunity to nurture and watch those around me grow and, in turn, help me grow as a person.”

Julie Pham

Vice President (External)

“VSA gives me the rare opportunity to lead and guide my peers toward achieving their goals, while they support me in my own endeavours.”

Our partners & sponsors

We are proudly supported by a number of public and private organisations. Our members are entitled to exclusive benefits upon membership.

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Latest from the Blog

  • HSC & Beyond 2015

    Year 12 is a time of great uncertainty, curiosity and discovery. As year 12 students approach the final chapters of their high school life they must decide what career path they want to pursue. As university students, we understand these difficulties as we have been in those exact shoes. This is where the HSC and Beyond program comes in.

  • VSA attends Carers’ Support Group

    Last Tuesday on the 14th of June, Vy Doan and I attended a Carers’ Support Group Meeting for the Multicultural Foster Care Services (MFCS) run by Settlement Services International (SSI) organisation as VSA representatives of the Fundraiser Dinner Committee. The event took place at Cabravale Leisure Centre at 10am and ran until approximately 12pm. The…

  • Canberra Youth Night 2015

    Every year the Vietnamese Students’ Association Australia holds an overnight event called Canberra Youth Night. It encompasses a weekend trip down to Canberra, around the 30th of April with a collaboration between VSA in NSW and Victoria to learn about our Vietnamese-Australian cultural identity and heritage as well as network and encourage self-development.

  • State Dinner 2015

    Here’s your friendly neighborhood State Dinner Project Head swinging by to wrap up the night. And boy. What a night!

    We had an amazing turn out of VSA committee members of 224 people. Everybody had fun taking photos with our really cute photobooth with little winter theme props. Did I just hear somebody wanted to build a snowman?

  • State Dinner 2015 teaser

    State Dinner is less than a week away guys!

    So what’s State Dinner all about? It’s a chance for everyone from VSA committees to meet up with other committee members and see the fun and family of VSA.

  • Hai Ba Trung 2015

    The Hai Ba Trung celebration is an event that is of great importance to the Vietnamese people and the Vietnamese communities around the world.

    The word “Hai Ba Trung” when translated into English means “Trung sisters”, so in essence it is to celebrate the Trung sisters… but you’re probably wondering… why are we celebrating these two sisters?