University of Technology, Sydney

Carmen Pham


What’s the best thing about VSA and why?

VSA has given me the opportunity to meet people that I usually wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet without VSA. Whether it be people from different courses as me, or even different universities, I have made so many friendships through VSA that I know will be with me for a very long time.

What are you goals this year for VSA?

One of my biggest goals for this year was to be much more experimental with the type of events we’re holding within UTS. Not only are we doing a lot more traditional Vietnamese food dishes for our events, but we are also trying to incorporate more social events as well that give people the opportunity to socialise with other VSA members, as well as meet some of the committee.

Anything interesting about yourself that you would like to share?

I’m Chinese 🙂

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Andrew Luong

Internal Vice President

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Jessica Sam

External Vice President

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David Ma


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Kieran Ngo


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