VSA Stepping Stones

This Wednesday, we had the pleasure and honour of having 4 keynote speakers sharing their experiences and advice on self-development, personal branding, resume building and job-searching. We were proud to have such a great and warm reception for our first “Stepping Stones” event. From Warren Bingham our keynote speaker, our attendees were enlightened with a…

VSA at The Children’s Festival

Community lies at the heart of VSA. That’s why we have endeavored to engage the local community and youth to support harmony and diversity. The Children’s Festival has been running for their 20th year and has since its very beginning adovcated for multiculturalism and cooperation amongst the youth. On the 13th of May, VSA NSW…

State Dinner 2016

Some of our lovely committee members Guys can I just say… what a night. What a glorious night spent with a total of 231 VSA committee members, both new and old. Special shout out to the Canberra and Melbourne committees for trekking it all the way to Sydney to share such a spectacular night.   Our awesome…

HSC & Beyond 2015

Year 12 is a time of great uncertainty, curiosity and discovery. As year 12 students approach the final chapters of their high school life they must decide what career path they want to pursue. As university students, we understand these difficulties as we have been in those exact shoes. This is where the HSC and Beyond program comes in.

VSA attends Carers’ Support Group

Last Tuesday on the 14th of June, Vy Doan and I attended a Carers’ Support Group Meeting for the Multicultural Foster Care Services (MFCS) run by Settlement Services International (SSI) organisation as VSA representatives of the Fundraiser Dinner Committee. The event took place at Cabravale Leisure Centre at 10am and ran until approximately 12pm. The…

Introducing VSA 2015

Welcome to VSA’s completely revamped website. It’s a brand new year and although it might be a tiny bit late (only 4 months), the VSA NSW Marketing Team is proud to finally launch our brand new look. We are not the only ones ready to usher in a new year though. The State Team and…

Canberra Youth Night 2015

Every year the Vietnamese Students’ Association Australia holds an overnight event called Canberra Youth Night. It encompasses a weekend trip down to Canberra, around the 30th of April with a collaboration between VSA in NSW and Victoria to learn about our Vietnamese-Australian cultural identity and heritage as well as network and encourage self-development.

State Dinner 2015

Here’s your friendly neighborhood State Dinner Project Head swinging by to wrap up the night. And boy. What a night!

We had an amazing turn out of VSA committee members of 224 people. Everybody had fun taking photos with our really cute photobooth with little winter theme props. Did I just hear somebody wanted to build a snowman?