What is VSA?

VSA is a 2000 member-strong organisation found across six university branches. We are not only focused upon bringing the fun to the social sphere but also strive to develop the full potential of our members professionally. Find out more about VSA here.

How can the media get in contact with VSA?

Please contact VSA for media enquiries through email or by filling out a contact form.

Where can I provide feedback, contact or lodge a complaint in regards to VSA?

Please fill out a contact form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly

Is there a VSA at my university?

Currently, there are six university branches:

  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Sydney (Camperdown & Cumberland)
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Western Sydney University (Bankstown, Parramatta, Campbelltown)
  • Macquarie University

How do I become a VSA member?

You can register to be VSA general member during your university’s Orientation Week at a VSA stall. Otherwise, if you attend any VSA event, just speak to any of our friendly committee members and they will be able to guide you through the registration process. Registration is only $5* for a year-long membership.

Do you have to be Vietnamese to join VSA?

No. VSA is open to any individual, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, religion or race. VSA is about sharing and appreciating Vietnamese culture – not necessarily being Vietnamese.

What would I receive in my membership?

For only $5*, your one-year membership rewards you generously.

All members receive a personal membership sticker to attach to their university ID. This sticker gives you exclusive discounts at any of our numerous partner  stores. See here to see the full list of our discount partners.

Additionally, presenting your sticker at VSA events gives you access to special member rates (that are often as low as $0) for food and other goods. Clearly, the value of your membership fee can easily be recouped by attending a few VSA events a year!

 * For students from the University of Sydney, students need to become an ACCESS member before joining any clubs or societies. The VSA membership fee is also reduced to $2.

I am interested in leadership and executive roles. Are there any opportunities in VSA to pursue such roles? 

Consider joining your university’s VSA executive team. The executive team is in charge of managing their respective VSA university branch, as well as planning and executing their vision for the year.

The roles include the President, two Vice-Presidents (Internal & External), Secretary and Treasurer. Some universities also have a sixth executive member who’s in charge of liaising with the student organisation, such as the Arc Delegate role at UNSW.

Check out the current executive members of your university here.

Some universities also offer Director roles specialising in fields such as photography and graphics design.

I’m new to VSA and/or university life. Is there an entry level role where I can develop myself first?

Yes! Every university branch recruits General Executive team members (also commonly referred to as Public Relations Officers). Their role is to promote the brand of VSA, recruit members, as well as plan and execute campus events.

They will be mentored by the executive team in their development of event management, communication and teamwork skills. They may also be given the opportunity to shadow and executive team member in their portfolios, such as sponsorship and treasury.

But most of all, all recruits will have access to an extensive network of talented students across six universities! There will also be plenty of bonding and fun to be had throughout the year too!

What is VSA NSW State team and how is it different to the university teams?

The VSA NSW State team supports the six VSA university branches and fosters collegiality between the teams. We do this is by organising social events and development workshops. Unlike the university teams who run campus events, the State team has a wider community focus. Some of our events in the year include a charity fundraising dinner and HSC mock trials.

How do I apply to become a committee member?

For university teams:

Executive team members are elected in at the Annual General Meeting. This is usually held in the last quarter of the year, depending on each university. Applications for General Executives open following the election, with some universities recruiting throughout the Summer break and others recruiting in early Semester 1 following O-Week.

Keep up to date by checking back here and following the university team’s Facebook page:

For State team:

The Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of the year. Applications for General Executives and Directors open up in January.


Where can I find a list of all the partnership discount deals I can take advantage of as a VSA member?

You can find a list of VSA partners offering exclusive discounts to VSA members here.

How do I find out more about becoming a sponsor or partner with VSA?

Please email us and our Sponsorship Director will be in touch shortly.

Where can I find out about what upcoming events VSA has in store for me?

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming campus events at various universities and community events organised by the State team.

How can I volunteer with VSA?

Volunteering with VSA is simple. Just fill in the registration form here and wait for an email requesting volunteers for an upcoming event.