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Welcome to VSA NSW!

VSA NSW is a not-for-profit organisation comprising of students panning from five different universities. Our members aspire to develop their skillsets and networks, both professionally and on a personal level, by engaging in social participation through community, cultural, leadership, and social activities. VSA NSW encourages its pool of members to be culturally diverse. By connecting students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds who share an appreciation of the Vietnamese culture, it allows for a heightened understanding of the similarities and appreciation and differences between diverse cultures.


Our Specialisation


Our philanthropic events fund-raise and promote awareness of charitable organisations or social issues

Education and Development

We are committed to not only developing our members' professional skills and networks, but also support their personal maturation

Social and Sporting

We also seek to support out members' social, emotional and physical health


Our organisation brings together ethnically diverse individuals who share an appreciation of the Vietnamese culture

Our Team


Anh-Tuan Nguyen


Internal VP

Aaron Tay

Vice President (Internal)

Patrick Huynh

Vice President (External)

Peter Truong



Sylvia Tran


Cindy Nguyen Tran​


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Do you want to help other people and potentially save their lives? Well, by donating blood or plasma, you can help save 3 lives with each donation you make. Given the current COVID-19 situation, it is more important than ever to donate blood or plasma as donations have decreased. This is why we need your help!
VSA NSW has organised a blood drive to encourage more people to donate and we need you to help us reach our target of saving 225 lives.
Whether you are a member of VSA or not, we need and deeply appreciate your contribution. Just remember to nominate which VSA team you want your donation to count towards. Participation is voluntary, so please do not feel pressured to donate if you feel uncomfortable.

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Humans of VSA

🐉 2019 Linda : “Basically, another year of fun!!!! I cannot wait to inspire, represent and bond with those who share the same values, and also educate and enlighten the uninformed of our hardworking, enriching and beautiful Vietnamese culture.”

Our Awesome Partners & Sponsors

We are proudly supported by a number of public and private organisations. Our members are entitled to exclusive benefits upon membership.