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Eddie Heng


Eddie Heng grew up in “the area” (born in Liverpool but grew up in Bankstown) in Australia. He currently studies a major in Pre-Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney and works on science communication on the side. He began his VSA journey in 2017 before being elected as the president for UTS before taking up the mantle of State President. Over the 3 years he has developed a genuine passion for the personal and professional development of all VSA members and is determined to create a sustainable association so that VSA continues to create great leaders and improve its reputation in the wider community.

Outside VSA you can find Eddie eating ma-la-tang, powerlifting, at the arcade, or being an amateur photographer.

Andrew Do

Internal Vice President

Andrew Do was born in Melbourne, Australia but predominantly lived most of his life in the United States of America (Alaska and California). Eventually returning to his roots, he is currently studying at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) pursuing a Bachelors degree in Engineering and Business. Previously VSA Secretary at UTS in 2018, he has developed a wide range of technical and transferable skills that he wants apply to the improvement of VSA’s systemic structure, domestic branding outreach, and the broader community of New South Wales (NSW). As Internal Vice President of NSW, Andrew’s goal is to bolster the connections between the university teams, inspire the next generation to be more involved in the Vietnamese community, and strengthen the branding of VSA within Australia.

You will most likely see him working around his university as an UTS FEIT SPROUT, UTS Student Ambassador or being involved in his many other societies and extra-curricular activities. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music (piano and singing), going to the gym, and taking on as many professional development opportunities as possible.

Anh-Tuan Nguyen

External Vice President

Anh-Tuan Nguyen was born and brought up in Kogarah in Sydney’s South West, but has spent most of his spare time in his childhood in the Bankstown area. He currently studies Commerce and Law at the University of Sydney, following his dreams of advocacy and public policy.

Joining VSA in his first year as a PR at Macquarie University in 2016, he joined the VSA NSW State team in 2017 as Sponsorship Director where he received the Most Valued Member award for his year. Now as State External Vice President, he hopes to bring transparency, open communication and good governance to the association. In particular, he hopes to build strong and lasting community partnerships in the Vietnamese and broader community.

In his time outside of VSA, Anton spends his time chasing bread, volunteering in mental health and writing for multiple university publications. He finds joy in photography, planning his next Japan trip and over indulging in instagram-worthy meals.

Donna Win


Donna has lived her entire life in Marrickville where the best pork rolls exist in the world. She is pursuing her engineering dream to improve an individual’s lifestyle at the University of Sydney studying Biomedical Engineering majoring Information Technology. She is continuing her third year in the VSA NSW team and is currently the State Treasurer for 2019.

During university, she loves keeping herself busy with numerous projects but generally you can always find her hungry or snacking on ice-cream due to her massive sweet tooth. In the break, she will be out and about at the Northern Beaches rock-hopping near the waves, snorkelling with rays at Malabar Beach and picked up snowboarding. She can’t wait to conquer double blacks around the world specifically in Colorado, Canada and Japan. Deep inside, she just wants to make the impossible possible.

Tony Nguyen


Tony Nguyen was born in Sydney, Australia and spent all his life so far in the Liverpool & Fairfield area. He currently studies Civil Engineering (Honours) and Commerce at the University of New South Wales, hoping to one day make an impact on Sydney’s Urban Growth. He was first inducted into VSA as a Public Relations Officer at the University of New South Wales in 2018 then later continued his journey into the VSA NSW State team as a General Director this year before stepping up and taking over the Secretary position. His time in VSA as allowed to him to develop more love and appreciation for his culture and heritage as a first-generation Vietnamese-Australian which fuels his drive and passion for the VSA mission. As the 2019 State Secretary and a Civil Engineering student he wishes to lay a strong “concrete” foundation for VSA NSW to ensure the continual growth and success over the years to come as new teams are inducted into the executive mantle.

You can find Tony around UNSW teaching the next generation of Civil Engineers in various courses, at the local gym with mates or roaming around Sydney to find the best eats for various cuisines.


Long Trinh


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Uyen Tran

IT & Web

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Vietnamese Community


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