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PUSHAS embodies the pursuit of a higher purpose. Those living and breathing this ethos belong to the PUSHAS family.

FLEXX Nightclub

FLEXX is founded upon the idea of making an impression.
Our nightclub is the premier nightlife destination for Sydneysiders every Friday night.

iDarts Australia

i Darts has revolutionised the game of darts.
Forget what you know, i Darts is a cozy modern venue with a great selection of drinks, darts machines and friendly staff.


We are one of the originals. WE OWN TASTE. We confidently proclaim this because our food and credentials have been meticulously honed, refined and crafted, not over months or even years, but through decades of hard work.


We create real food that's fresh, healthy, delicious and fast.
We pride ourselves with using the freshest possible Australian produce, and thats why we’ve invested so much time and energy into our suppliers.

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Megan Tran

Sponsorship Director
E-mail: state.directors@vsansw.org