Vietnamese Students' Association of New South Wales

Humans of VSA

Introducing a new series on VSA NSW – ‘Humans of VSA’. VSA is not a society without it’s community, so let us walk you through the stories and experiences of those past and present in VSA.

Thomas Hoang

“I joined on a whim. Just fresh out of high school, everything’s new, and I had the whole concept of you don’t know what you can do until you do it. VSA has definitely given me a larger view of my culture, prior to that I didn’t really care, but that came from a sense that I didn’t have that much of an understanding. You don’t talk to your parents about stuff like that, by being in VSA you come to have a deeper understanding with people your age sharing their personal experiences of Vietnamese culture with you. VSA exposes you to so many ways of thinking. Sense of understanding, for me was predominantly shaped by VSA; having a deeper connection with my mum, how I interact with friends. The biggest thing for me is my sense of respect for people.”

“I would tell past Tommy Tran, don’t stop with a no, but instead of giving up, improve, if people say no, ask why. I’m thankful for being in VSA for so many things, it shaped me to be how I am as a human being. I’ve gained so many traits and so many opportunities. I’ve met so many people who have influenced my life.”

“VSA is a representation of Vietnamese Students today, the youth of Vietnamese immigrants, we are the next generation.”